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Trenchless Sewer Line
Trenchless Sewer Line
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Drainage Problems? Sewer or Water Line Problems? Tree roots growing into your sewer or water line is a common problem. Roots crawl into tiny openings and expand in the sewer line, latching on to other debris that typically cause backups such as grease or eggshell waste. Sometimes chemicals can kill the trees roots but if the roots reappear, the pipe may be damaged and require excavation to fix the problem.

Trenchless Sewer Line RepairTrenchless Water Line RepairWet, Damp and Flooded Basements

Trenchless Sewer Line provides Sewer and Water Line Inspections. We insert a snake attached to a small video camera into the clean-out and snakes the camera through the sewer. You can watch the image on a monitor.

Not only will we find out if the sewer or water line is clean or clogged, but the inspection will disclose the condition of the lines.
Looking outside where the sewer pipe goes out from your house and hooks up to the city's sewer pipe. If you see a puddle of water and it hasn't rained in a while, you probably have a broken sewer pipe.

Sewer or Water Line Problems?
Trenchless No Dig Sewer and Water Line Replacement
Trenchless Pipe Replacement
We keep your basement dry!
Repair wet, damp, moist or flooded basements
Wet, Damp or Flooded Basement
Walk around in your yard in the vicinity of where your sewer pipe goes out of your house and hooks into the city's sewer pipe. If you feel any soft or mushy spots and there hasn't been a rain for several days, this is another indication that you have a break in your sewer pipe. Flush the toilet. Watch the water level as the bowl fills. If the water in the bowl doesn't fill to its original spot, you may have a pipe blockage.

Check the drains in your home. If the water is not draining out or if the water is coming back up into your shower or tub drains, this indicates a clogged sewer pipe. Listen to the pipes as the water drains. If you hear gurgling noises or noises in another drain or if you have bubbles coming up in your toilet, this is an indication that the sewer pipe may be clogged. Look outdoors where your sewer pipe is located. If you have many trees or shrubs, tree roots can find the smallest cracks or where the lengths of sewer pipe line are put together. Your sewer pipe may be clogged with tree roots.

We  are trenchless - no digging - sewer and water pipe line replacement specialists. Our Plumbers are specially trained in our own patented Pipe Genie, Pipe Bursting Equipment. We can replace these lines in your home without having to dig up your garden, driveway, landscaping etc. See our work on our Trenchless page.
Testimonial: " I had just finished landscaping my front yard and my sewer backed up. It had been determined that roots caused the backup and the sewer line needed to be replaced. I noticed the 'No Digging Solution' ad on the internet. After investigating other companies I decided to go with the "Mr Vancouver Plumber" pipe replacement method and was very impressed with the completion of the work. There was very little disturbance to my new landscaping. I'd recommend them to anyone!" 
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Wet or damp or flooded basements are a common problem in homes new or old, with the problem being more prevalent in older homes. Wet basements create mold, mildew, and ruin flooring and wall materials. They may prevent your basement from being used effectively. A wet basement and wet basement wall can become a structural liability. Our certified plumbers can locate and repair any leak in your basement and we will guarantee all of our work. We have 25 years of satisfied customers.
We are proud to serve our customers in British Columbia, and thank all of our customers for using our services.

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